Professional, individualized design and construction

Each client has specific needs and requirements. It is my job to carefully listen and design with this in mind as I work with a projected budget and timeline.

I have my own workshop for the fabrication of custom cabinets and furniture, so there are no limitations to the overall design. I accompany my clients when choosing appliances, windows, doors, countertops, flooring, lighting, and other necessary items.

I provide a schedule for all subcontractors and keep clients updated daily on their job’s progress, thus keeping guessing out of the picture.

It is the attention to details small or large that completes the process so that my clients are left with a profound improvement in their environment and lifestyle.

I will be happy to talk, email, or meet with you to discuss your project.

Shure Design + Construction will:
– Design your kitchen
– Provide working drawings for permits
– Fabricate custom cabinetry
– Manage your project
– Communicate clearly and consistently
– Accompany you for all necessary purchases
– Maintain a clean and organized jobsite
– Complete work to smallest detail